My name is Mon and I live in Minnesota. You probably wonder what "Designloper" means. That because I am formally a designer/developer. I found my true passion and enjoyment was front-end, so I dropped the "design" part a long time ago. I used to shy away from JavaScript as well, but I slowly learn to love it seeing how powerful it can be and how many cool things it can achieve. So I have been dabbling in AngularJS, learned some NodeJS, and I found myself enjoy tinkering with GulpJS quite a bit. One thing I am still learning is Unit Testing and E2E Testing, if my like of GulpJS doesn't give you a hint of automating things, I don't know what does. Besides the fact learning Unit Testing and E2E will definitely helps me to write better, testable codes.

Then about 6 months ago there were some changes at my current job that I took on a different role. Even though my official title is "Front-end Developer", but I have been dabbling into Google App Engine, nDB, and Python. All three are extremely fun to learn and challenge. Definitely much more fun than PHP.

Outside of web development, my biggest love is video gaming. Fallout 4 anyone? :) And also soon to be a parent of a little girl name Zoƫ Lu Sucher in March, 2016! I have to say there were quite a few major life events in the year of 2015, but they are all good things. Well, I hope that's enough boring details about me. Hope you enjoyed some of my blog posts.

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You can find me on: LinkedIn \\ @supawaza

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