The Tale of Testivus on Test Coverage Posted on: 12/01/2015

Had a short discussion with my co-worker today when he mentioned that we should have "full" coverage of our unit tests. The matter of fact is that we have zero unit testing going right now, I say we start with that. Then I found this stackoverflow which is pretty... Read more ++

What I Learned From a Pure OOJS Web App Posted on: 07/13/2014

In the past 2.5 months, I have been quite a workoholic... I worked so many hours that it practically took up all of my time to enjoy and do anything else. But at the same time, I learned quite a bit of Object Oriented JS thanks to my current gig.... Read more ++

Keeping main.css clear of hacks but maintainable Posted on: 03/17/2014

I was reading CSS Tricks' Conditional Media Queries Mixin, I liked the idea but unfortunately, since the "best practice" is "Mobile First" (Smallest screen to Largest: using min-width), and they're using max-width. So by swapping min-width in there, it didn't work as well. I guess another way is to... Read more ++

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